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Transfer your Digital8 Camcorder Tapes to DVD or MP4 format today!

Digital8 to DVD or MP4

Sony first introduced the Digital8 format 1999. Digital8 was introduced as an improvement over the Video8 & Hi8 formats as being digital it gave the user an increased picture & sound quality. Even though Digital8 uses the same tape as Video8 & Hi8 the camcorders are very different.

Video8 & Hi8 were analogue where Digital8 as the name suggests is digital and actually uses the same codec as the popular MiniDv format. The design of the tape was such that a VHS adapter was impossible to make and so the camcorder itself had to be used to play to tape back on a TV. Digital8 is now a rare format as Sony no longer sells any consumer cameras concentrating on the newer digital formats.


Professional DVD Services can transfer your Hi8 tapes to DVD for you preserving your precious video for you now this format has become obsolete.

When we transfer your Digital8 video to DVD by using high quality equipment we will retain the picture & audio quality whilst giving you the durability that comes with DVD. This is because we have the best hardware & software and experience to give you the best possible results.


All our DVDís contain chapter points and full menus just like the Hollywood films. If you require a particular title on your DVD Menu and Disc please let us know and will ensure this is inserted.


Your DVD will be supplied in a full size DVD case again just like the Hollywood movies and your DVD will not look out of place when stored with your other DVDs.



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