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Transfer Your Video Tapes Before The Digital Switch Over

The Digital Switch Over

The digital television transition (also called the digital switchover or analogue switchoff) is the process in which analogue broadcast television is converted to digital television. The motivation behind the switch is the improved quality of digital broadcasts over analogue ones and the freeing up of valuable spectrum space for other services (and bidders).


Between 2008- 2012, television services in the UK will go completely digital, TV region by TV region (The exception is Whitehaven in Cumbria which became the first place to switch in October 2007). The old analogue television signal will be switched off and viewers will need to convert or upgrade their TV equipment to receive digital signals, whether through their aerial, by satellite, cable or broadband.


The Government is responsible for the policy of digital switchover, including the 2008-2012 timetable and the establishment of a Help Scheme for those who may need practical assistance with switchover.


You will still be able to play tapes through your TV set using a VHS video recorder. You can record one digital channel in the same way you would record an analogue channel, but you cannot watch another while you are doing this. To record one channel while youíre watching another, you'll need a digital TV recorder (DTR) with two or more tuners, such as a Sky+ box. Using Sky+ is easier than setting a video Ė you can pause and rewind live TV, or set your box to record the entire run of selected series.


Professional DVD Services can transfer your VHS tapes to DVD for you preserving your precious video now this format has become obsolete.


When we transfer your VHS video to DVD we will retain the picture & audio quality whilst giving you the durability that comes with DVD.


We can also transfer and convert you American and Japanese NTSC VHS tapes to DVD. This conversion is carried out by professional hardware not by software on a computer giving you a faultless conversion indistinguishable from your original with no dropped frames or pauses and jerks.


All our DVDís contain chapter points and full menus just like the Hollywood films. If you require a particular title on your DVD Menu and Disc please let us know and will ensure this is inserted.


Your DVD will be supplied in a full size DVD case again just like the Hollywood movies and your DVD will not look out of place when stored with your other DVDs.




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